U.S. AFRICOM-related news stories for May 14, 2010 (From the Beltway/From and About Africa)

Recent Publications on Morocco,  DR Congo, Sudan, Nigeria, Somalia, Libya, Angola,Zambia, Namibia, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Darfur, Mozambique.

Morocco, U.S. Marines conduct major exercise (World Tribune)

(Morocco) Morocco and the United States have completed preparations for a major military exercise.

U.S. Congress Clears Anti-LRA Bill (IPS)

(United States) The U.S. Congress has cleared legislation requiring President Barack Obama to devise a strategy over the next six months to help capture the leadership of the Lord’s Revolutionary Army (LRA) and protect the civilian population in four eastern and central African countries from its rampages.

Sudan Peacekeepers Vow to Defend Themselves (AllAfrica)

United Nations mission in Darfur (UNAMID) peacekeepers have warned that they will react in self-defence if they are attacked in the western Sudanese troubled region of Darfur. “We (UNAMID) are going to be very strict in terms of a robust position so that people will be discouraged from even attempting to attack us,” Prof. Gambari, who is also the AU-UN Joint Special Representative in Darfur, told a UN Radio on Tuesday.

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