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USAFRICOM-related news stories (From the Beltway/From and About Africa)

Recent Publications on Somalia, Eritrea, Niger, Morocco, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Chad, DR Congo, Ugandan, Sudan, CAR, Egypt, Guinea, Mozambique, Madagascar, Ghana, Kenya, Algeria, Rwanda, Angola

No wish to ‘Americanize’ Somali conflict: US official (AFP)

WASHINGTON, DC — A top US official on Friday denied reports of a boost in US military aid to Somalia’s transitional federal government (TFG), and said there was no intention to “Americanize” the conflict in the horn of Africa.

U.S. report accuses Eritrea of systematic abuses (Reuters)

ASMARA, ERITREA – The United States has intensified its criticism of Eritrea, saying the Red Sea state systematically abuses human rights and is a destabilizing influence in the Horn of Africa.

Africare to Receive Nobel Prize Money from President Obama (Africare Press Release)

WASHINGTON, DC – Africare, the oldest and largest NGO working exclusively to provide development and humanitarian assistance to Africa is among 10 charities that will receive a portion of President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize money awarded to him in October 2009.

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