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General Ward Encouraged and Energized the Team at Intelligence Knowledge

On 1/7/2010 11:01:05 AM Melony C. Angelilli wrote:

Yesterday (January 6, 2010), I had the pleasure of being a part of a visit by United States Army General William "Kip" Ward to the Intelligence Knowledge Development Molesworth (IKD-M) team at Royal Air Force Molesworth, United Kingdom. General Ward’s enthusiasm and energy spread as he went from office to office shaking hands with team members and encouraging them to be proud of what they do.

His message was clear and consistent throughout the day as he continually told individuals and groups how important their work is to the overall mission of U.S. Africa Command and how he is so grateful to be a part of the team.

IKD-M is located in a rural area of England about 70 miles North West of London and is geographically separated from the U.S. Africa Command headquarters located in Stuttgart, Germany.

Sometimes the distance makes folks feel like they are not important to the headquarters, but General Ward made it very clear that this is not the case.

This small campus like base is a very busy place and is not only the home of IKD-M, but also the home of the Joint Intelligence Operations Center Analytic Center which belongs to U.S. European Command and the NATO Intelligence Fusion Center. Subject matter experts from all regions across Africa work side by side with subject matter experts from Europe and 24 other NATO nations making RAF Molesworth the hub of information for a large portion of the world.

RAF Molesworth was home to the 303rd Bomb group in World War II. One of the original aircraft hangars from then is now office space for about half the IKD-M staff and where General Ward held his all hands meeting.

He assured the crowd that things here might not be perfect, but there is always room for improvement in the foxhole.

His visit left us with a strong feeling that we are an important part of the headquarters and he motivated us to continue to strive for excellence. Everyone left the hangar with a smile on their face and a feeling of accomplishment in their heart.

Melony C. Angelilli is a public affairs officer for the Commander’s Action Group in Molesworth
Photo: General Ward speaks to staff at all hands meeting.

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