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USAFRICOM-related news stories for April 7, 2010 (From the Beltway/From and About Africa)

Recent Publications on Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, Sahel, Nigeria, DR Congo, Somalia, Niger, Uganda, Sudan, Tunisia, Egypt

U.S.-Africa Policy Under the Obama Administration (Harvard University as reported in Modern Ghana)

Ambassador Johnnie Carson speaks at the second annual Africa Focus at Harvard University.

Energy Needs in South Africa Collide With Obama Policy (New York Times)

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa — The Obama administration, caught in an awkward bind between its own ambitions on climate change and Africa’s pressing energy needs, is facing the first test of its new guidelines discouraging coal-fired power projects in developing nations.

US, Nigeria Establish Bi-National Commission (Voice of America)

The United States and Nigeria on Tuesday signed an agreement, setting up a bi-national commission aimed at helping the west African state promote good governance and fight corruption.  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called the U.S.-Nigeria relationship “absolutely critical.”

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