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Mauritania counterparts visit AFRICOM

Mauritania visit to AFRICOM

Photo by Brianne Warner/U.S. Africom Public Affairs

Three military public affairs officials from Mauritania are visiting the U.S. Africa Command Public Affairs Office in Stuttgart, Germany, this week to learn about interacting with the media and keeping the public informed. The visit includes presentations on media relations, public engagement, and operational planning. We’ve enjoyed spending time with them and having a chance to share knowledge and ideas. Look for a story coming soon to our home page. In the meantime, click on the links below to learn more about Mauritania:

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– U.S. Embassy Mauritania

– Trans-Sahara Counter Terrorism Partnership

U.S. AFRICOM-related news stories for May 24, 2010 (From the Beltway/From and About Africa)

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UGANDA Carson Insists on EC Change (Daily Monitor)

American Diplomat Jonnie Carson has insisted that the new Electoral Commission be reconstituted ahead of next year’s general elections. Mr Carson, who met members of the Inter-Party Cooperation in Kampala on Friday, said Uganda’s general elections will also be judged basing on the international standards. ―The ambassador reiterated the US commitment to democracy as well as free and fair elections,‖ Mr Olara Otunnu, Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC) president, said shortly after the meeting.

CAMEROON In Africa, 50th anniversary of independence is an occasion to celebrate, lament (Washington Post)

(Cameroon) Over the past week, hundreds of dignitaries arrived in this Central African capital to celebrate 50 years of independence from colonial rule for Cameroon and 16 other African nations. But casting a shadow over the occasion was a sober acknowledgment that the actions of many of Africa’s leaders were hurting

NIGERIA U.S., Nigeria to launch bi-national commission (Xinhua)

(Nigeria) U.S. Under Secretary for Democracy and Global Affairs Maria Otero is expected to arrive in Nigeria to strengthen the newly established U.S.-Nigeria Bi-national Commission (BNC), a statement said.

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Washington – President Barack Obama on Monday once again said that the war on Al Qaeda and its extremist allies continues to be not only a military one but also a battle of ideas. Al Qaeda “is probably the biggest killer of innocent Muslims of any entity out there, and so that is our target, and that is our focus,” he said during a White House interview with Steve Grove, the news and politics editor of YouTube. The President had been asked about his policies in the war on terror. Al Qaeda must be found on all fronts, Obama said. “We have to fight them in very concrete ways in Afghanistan and along the border regions of Pakistan, where they are still holed up,” he said. “They have spread to places like Yemen and Somalia, and we are working internationally with partners to try limit their scope of operations and dismantle them in those regions.” But the United States also must battle them with ideas, the President said.


President Mwai Kibaki, who is in Addis Ababa for the 14th AU Summit, Monday joined other Heads of State of the great lakes region for a Special Extra-Ordinary Summit of the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR). During the meeting chaired by the current ICGLR chairman, President Rupia Banda of Zambia , former Presidents Benjamin Mkapa of Tanzania and Olusegun Obasanjo of Nigeria briefed the Heads of State on the current situation in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. The two formers Heads of State are the facilitators of the peace initiative in the great lakes region under the International Conference of the Great Lakes Framework. In briefing the Extra-Ordinary Summit, the two facilitators noted that the current situation in Congo has improved remarkably since the signing of the 2009 Peace Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Congo and the Congress National Du Peuple. Noting that the amnesty law extended to ex-rebels was still in force, the two facilitators informed the Summit that fighting had ceased and substantial progress has been made in incorporating ex-rebels into the Government. The two facilitators further noted that the Peace Agreement and the incorporation of rebels into the Government have improved the security and humanitarian situation in Eastern DRC . The Extra-Ordinary Summit was also briefed on the joint operations between Rwanda and the DRC as well as Uganda, Sudan and Central Africa Republic. The two peace facilitators noted that the joint military operations have successfully curtailed insurgent activities of the Lords Resistance Army, FDLR and the Interahamwe.


Washington – President Barack Obama warned on Monday the United States would increase pressure on Sudan’s government if it did not respond to a US engagement push aimed at securing a peace deal in Darfur. Obama, in a question and answer session broadcast on YouTube and the White House website, said he still hoped the Khartoum government would accept efforts to broker a deal with rebels to end the human tragedy in the region.

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