Fast facts: Medical Accord Central 12

Gabon Defense Forces Sgt. Maj. Nguema E. Clotaire, a flight surgeon, and 1st Lt. Jolin O. Sossa, a medical student, discuss military health care with U.S. Army Maj. Samuel Bayles, a psychiatrist with Co. A, 94th Combat Support Hospital, U.S. Army Reserve, during Medical Accord Central 12 in Libreville, Gabon.(Photo by Army Staff Sgt. Shane Hamann, 102d Mobile Public Affairs Detachment, Mississippi Army National Guard.)

Medical Accord Central 12 is one of several annual exercises between the U.S. military and our African partners. Here are some fast facts courtesy of the U.S. Army’s daily news page and U.S. Army Africa, plus some links, to tell you more about this unique shared training.


Medical Accord Central 12 brings together a mix of U.S. military doctors, nurses, psychiatrists and other medical professionals with their counterparts from the Gabon Defence Force. Other African partner nations are also observing. U.S. participants include members of the Mississippi and Utah National Guard and Army Reservists from Arkansas and Texas, plus representatives from the Defense Medical Readiness Training Institute in Texas. The annual training is hosted by U.S. Army Africa on behalf of U.S. Africa Command.


Training and knowledge-sharing, with a focus on medical support to disaster response and humanitarian relief efforts. The exercise includes lectures, classes and hands-on training.  The event was planned jointly by the U.S. military and Gabon Defense Forces. Each partner leads different portions of the training.


Gabon, in Central Africa. Next year the exercise will take place in Angola.


The exercise kicked off March 5 and runs through March 16. Planning started a year ago, including site surveys and rehearsals.


Not only does the exercise help both the U.S. and African medical units improve their skills and ability to support humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations, it creates a relationship based on mutual respect and understanding between professional military organizations. Medical Accord Central 12, and exercises like it, ultimately contribute to a long-term vision of increased stability and security on the continent.


U.S. Army Africa 

Utah National Guard

Mississippi National Guard

Medical Accord Central 12 helps in building partnerships

U.S. Army News From Africa 

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