AFRICOM and social media: Making connections

Last week we asked visitors on our Facebook page to tell us where they’re from, what device they most often use to access the Internet and what information they’d like to glean from our site.

We want to know how we can make our content better and easier to access, and we want to know what information most interests you. We also want to learn from the many scholars, experts and regular folks who follow us online.

The answers re-affirmed one thing we already knew: AFRICOM’s 7,267 FB fans log in from all over the globe, with unique connections to the military, the command or Africa itself.

Those who “liked” or commented on the question came from countries including South Africa, Ethiopia, Uganda, Djibouti, the UK, Indonesia and the U.S. They access the Internet mostly in traditional ways like cell phones and laptops.

Some have friends or family stationed here in Stuttgart with AFRICOM or other units. Others said they appreciated the news and updates we post. A few had specific requests: Updates on an upcoming military exercise and more information on Ghana.

Our 7,704 Twitter followers also had some specific requests when posed with a similar question. One wanted to know more about anti-terrorism efforts in Somalia. Another asked for suggestions on books or magazines about the region.

We’ve taken your suggestions so far under advisement, and will be basing our posts on them over the coming weeks. Our goal through our various social media sites – especially Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and this blog – is to highlight the hard work of AFRICOM’s units and the knowledge of our experts, and to help keep everyone informed on what’s happening in the AFRICOM area of responsibility.

If you haven’t already visited us on FB, Twitter or one of our other social media sites, be sure to check us out by clicking the links highlighted in the text or at the bottom of the blog. Also be sure to poke around our AFRICOM homepage – it’s a wealth of information.

If you’re a member of AFRICOM headquarters or one of our components, feel free to send us your stories, photos and videos.

One question we’re sometimes asked is about comments, especially on FB. Often comments seem off-topic or politically charged. We only delete comments after very careful review. We prefer to keep the page open to as much discussion and lively debate as possible.

We encourage you to join the dialogue and share your thoughts, insights and commentary.

That’s what makes it fun and keeps it interesting.

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