AMLEP Legal Meeting at U.S. Coast Guard Atlantic Area

Lieutenant Commander William G. Dwyer wrote:

On 16 May 2011, LCDR Bill Dwyer, U.S. Coast Guard, from the U.S. Africa Command Office of Legal Counsel met with other judge advocates to discuss operational legal issues ahead of this year’s African Maritime Law Enforcement Partnership (AMLEP) deployment. The meeting was held at U.S. Coast Guard Atlantic Area Headquarters in Portsmouth, Virginia.
Other attendees included judge advocates from US Coast Guard Headquarters Operational Law Group, US Coast Guard Atlantic Area SJA’s Office and Naval Forces Africa Legal Counsel. Non-legal attendees included CDR John Driscoll, USCG from US AFRICOM J-5, Air and Maritime Brach.

AMLEP is a part of the Africa Partnership Station (APS) program. It is a Title X mission conducted through Naval Forces Africa/6th Fleet where a USCG cutter and boarding team work to assist a respective host nation (HN) in enforcement of HN law and build capacity. Prior to operating with a US boarding team, the HN boarding teams receive thorough instruction on boarding tactics and procedures.

The topics discussed at this week’s meeting included review of the boarding matrices for each of the respective countries that will participate (Senegal, Cape Verde and Sierra Leone), a review of authorities and procedures to be followed in the event of HN seizure and a review of necessary HN and US coordination during the operation. This year’s AMLEP deployment will begin in June and run through the end of August.

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