Tanzania Pandemic Disaster Response Exercise

Dr. Faraja Lutulu Msemva, Guest Blogger wrote:

 Dr. Faraja Lutula Msemva, Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, attended Tanzania’s Pandemic Disaster Response Exercise in Arusha, March 7-11, 2011.

The experience I gained from the PRP TTX is very good and very useful to me and my country. As an emergency preparedness officer in the Ministry of health, I have learned that, apart from health being the lead sector during response to a severe pandemics, efforts from every other sector and stakeholders in the country are of a great importance in order to accomplish and make the response successful. I was happy to work using scenarios made to fit the Tanzanian context, because it was easy for participants to understand, and was indeed like a reality. The TTX has opened our eyes to be able to identify gaps which are in our current pandemic Influenza Preparedness and Response Plan and other emergency preparedness plans, this will facilitate the process of reviewing and preparing a better plan. Indeed more PRP exercises are needed including the field exercises in order to build more capacity for preparedness and response to disasters. I also suggest USAFRICOM to support capacity building for disasters and emergency management through organizing or sponsoring short or long courses to officials from different Government sectors who are the key players in disasters and emergency preparedness and response in our country.

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