Tanzania Pandemic Disaster Response Table Top Exercise

Captain Jones Ofuasia, U.S. Africa Command wrote


AFRICOM PAO Note: Captain Jones Ofuasia participated in the recent Pandemic Disaster Response Exercise in Arusha, March 7-11, 2011.

Thank you very much for the message. I also have appreciated to your exercise we performed at Mount Meru Hotel.

It was well organized and well performed.

What I am going to suggest and to comment is this:

1st , Let the exercise be continuous, this will make our people to be well aware whenever any disaster occurs.

2nd Giving education day to day to majority of people in all levels especially the local and indigenous ones because are the ones who are more affected.

There are steps anyone can take to prepare for a natural emergency. Not all of the advice given here applies everywhere, but much of it does.

–Find out where you can obtain reliable information about potential hazards in your area.

–Learn about the official plan for dealing with an emergency arising from extreme weather, water and climate conditions.

–Find out whether the area where you live has suffered emergencies in the past, what, that types of hazard they were, how frequently they occurred, and the type and extent of the damage they caused. This will give a proper experience to the past and make proper preparations for the next.

–Study the surrounding area: identify low-lying places that are at risk of flooding and places that are exposed to high winds.

–Identify escape routes from your home and mark them on a map. Remember that a storm may make a route across low ground or bridges impassable, so if you have to evacuate you will need to leave before the storm arrives. Keep the escape map in a safe place and make sure everyone in the household knows where and what it is.

–If possible, arrange to stay for the duration of the emergency with friends or relatives outside the affected area.

–Where most people have access to cell phones, ask someone who lives outside the area to act as a contact through which family members can communicate their location and situation should they become separated.

–Obtain supplies of wood, plywood sheeting, polythene sheeting, nails and rope for boarding windows and securing external doors.

–Obtain good-quality flashlights or lamps or hand — cranked radio. Make sure they are in working order and that you have spare batteries.

–Obtain a camping stove and fuel for cooking and heating water.

–Prepare a first-aid box.

–Learn basic first-aid skills.

–Make a list of the supplies you and your household (including pets) will need to survive for two weeks.

–If you are evacuated you may need blankets or sleeping bags

–All these needs a Government which is really committed form the top to the bottom leaderships.

Thank you once again and is my pleasure that my comments will be taken into consideration.

Thank you very much and I wishing you all the best in your daily work with United States Africa Command.

Visit us at www.africom.mil

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