Arusha Table Top Exercise

Joseph Nyahende guest blogger wrote:


AFRICOM PAO note: Joseph Nyahende  participated in Tanzania’s Pandemic Disaster Response Table Top Exercise in Arusha, March 7-11, 2011.

I wish to thank you all for organising the detailed pandemic preparedness training Tanzania PRP TTX Conference. I would like to mention few areas among many where I shall remember always,

1. Importance of proper co-ordination during the planning, during the pandemic or complex emergency, post emergency or recovery period.

2. Importance of proper chain of command, proper actions so as to attain end output which is few loss of life and properties.

3. Importance of proper information coordination (Flow of information) that is to provide timely correct/right information to right audiences (proper communication management).

4. The whole society approach during and post pandemic and complex emergency is of high importance and must.

5. I professional working in transport sector specialized in airports management, the Tanzania PRP TTX conference provided me an opportunity to learn on how to manage communication in case of real aircraft accident.

6. I will use the knowledge gained to improve our airports emergency plan.

7. It was a great opportunity to me to share various experience for example the role of the military during and post pandemic, international community and regional bodies.

8. The learning process is not ending at once it is a continuous process, the PRP exercises are highly recommended in future to save as a bridge between army and civilians, to train and enhance capacity building to respond to emergency of different kinds.

9. Improvement: I suggest before the PRP exercise ensure all participants they know emergency plan and their roles during the crisis and post crisis 10. I request for consideration in any exercise and training if available. I will be ready for any engagement in areas of disaster.

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