African Maritime Law Enforcement Partnership (AMLEP).

Lieutenant Commander William Dwyer wrote

From 23-24 February 2011, CDR John Driscoll, U.S. Coast Guard and LCDR Bill Dwyer, U.S. Coast Guard from the U.S. Africa Command Office of Air and Maritime and Office of Legal Counsel respectively, traveled to U.S. Naval Forces Africa (NAVAF) in Naples to meet and plan for the 2011 African Maritime Law Enforcement Partnership (AMLEP). Participants included members of the NAVAF staff, the Commanding Officer and Operations Officer from the USCGC FORWARD (the cutter that will participate in the AMLEP 2011). Additional attendees included members of the USCG Cryptological Group, USCG logistics personnel and USCG Judge Advocates from USCG LANTAREA and USCG Headquarters.
AMLEP 2011 will commence in June and run until September 2011. The participating host nations that are expected to participate include Sierra Leone, Senegal and Cape Verde. AMLEP is a Title 10 Security Force Assistance mission/ theatre security cooperation mission under NAVAF/6th Fleet Africa Partnership Station (APS) program in order to build the capacity of the host nation and strengthen regional maritime security. The USCG provides assets (cutters and or LEDETS) through DoD’s Global Force Management (GFM) to undertake the mission.

1 Response to “African Maritime Law Enforcement Partnership (AMLEP).”

  1. 1 Aboubacar Sissoko December 10, 2011 at 7:31 pm

    Congratulation! This is a fantastic initiative. I am an US maritime and admiralty lawyer working now in private equity. Originally from Senegal, I would like to help.
    Happy holidays
    Aboubacar Sissoko

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