IG Principles and Practices Seminar in Tanzania

Anthony B. Dunn, U.S. AFRICOM Office of the Inspector General wrote

At the invitation of the Tanzania Peoples Defense Forces (TPDF) commander, the U.S. Africa Command’s IG Office conducted a seminar with a select group of staff officers in the capital Dar es Salaam. Navy Commander Scott Bell, the CJTF-HOA Inspector General, and I, led the seminar discussions on November 30 and December 1, 2010. Our efforts were supported by Lieutenant Colonel Kevin Balisky and Patrick Nyaborogo the U.S. Embassy Dar es Salaam Office of Security Cooperation.

One of the primary objectives of the seminar was to assess and stimulate the institutional oversight capacity of the TPDF by introducing them to our various military and civilian IG system models. To that end, we outlined the 230 year history of our IG systems and explained how it has enhanced not only the economy and efficiency of our military forces but, our federal agencies as well. Our TPDF colleagues exhibited a firm grasp of the IG principles and asked insightful questions about how we apply the systems in our military organizations. The dialogue revealed a willingness and capacity for improving how IG functions are executed within the TPDF.

During the course of the seminar, extra emphasis was placed on how the IG Inspection function is implemented in U.S. Army organizations. Our hosts were particularly receptive and appreciative of the comprehensive presentation CDR Bell and I gave regarding the Armys three-phase, 17 step inspection process. The TPDF officers noted that while their procedures were also effective, the administrative discipline imposed by the U.S. IG model would certainly enhance the quality of their inspections. We detailed several practical information-gathering and analytical techniques for the audience and highlighted the importance of accurately documenting and reporting inspection findings.

As you would expect, our hosts were gracious and attentive. They shared stories about their history and traditions and made us feel quite welcome. We expressed our gratitude for having had the opportunity to meet with them and exchange ideas on the very important issues of oversight and accountability. Additionally, we will conduct a workshop in Dar es Salaam in March 2011 that will bring together IGs from seven countries in the region. The TPDF has offered their assistance to help ensure the attendees are treated to the kind of hospitality Tanzania is famous for.

At the end of the seminar, we presented each of the participants a recognition certificate during a short closing ceremony. We believe this was a successful first engagement with the rapidly developing Tanzanian Peoples Defense Forces Inspectorate and our hosts expressed similar views in their written and verbal comments as well.


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