Partnering with Tanzania: Maritime Law Enforcement and Human Rights

Captain Kathleen Duignan, Office of Legal Counsel wrote


From 16-19 November 2010, LCDR Bill Dwyer, U.S. Coast Guard from the U.S. Africa Command Office of Legal Counsel and CDR Russ Verby, U.S. Navy JAGC, from the Defense Institute of International Legal Studies (DIILS) traveled to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania to lead an executive-level seminar in Maritime Operations and International Law.

Some of the topics included the Law of the Sea, Maritime Law Enforcement as well as Human Rights and Humanitarian Law. The seminars were attended by twenty-three officers and enlisted members of the Tanzanian People’s Defense Forces (TPDF).

Throughout the conference, the instructors and attendees engaged in lively discussion about legal issues of common interest to Tanzania and the United States and shared lessons learned. In particular, seminars on maritime jurisdiction, piracy, and the Law of the Sea received the greatest amount of interest and discussion.

The graduation attended by the COL Mwemjudi, the TPDF Head of Naval Training and Operations. The executive seminar strengthened the maritime partnership and cooperation both countries enjoy. Many of the attendees where instructors at the Naval Training School of the TPFD located in Dar Es Salaam and were looking forward to applying the lessons learned in the course into their own lesson plans and training for the TPDF.


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