NAVEUR Band in Gabon

By Senior Chief Max Fryar

Senior Chief Max Fryar is with the U.S. Naval Forces Europe (NAVEUR) Band which performed in Libreville, Gabon on October 27, 2010, as part of a two-week, three-country engagement. The performances, supporting the Africa Partnership Station, feature the NAVAF Band and local musicians.

My team and I traveled to Gabon to perform at the Daniel Pearl World Music Days Celebration. Today our rock band “Flagship” performed live on “Boulevard Triomphal”, Gabon’s largest talk show. We played six songs as well as an in depth interview with the talk show host. We were apprehensive that we might encounter technical problems with using our gear in the studio; electrical issues or language barriers can sometimes present challenges when we travel and perform.

The stage crew was very accommodating and easy to work with, and the sound check went off without a hitch. The whole show was much more relaxed than what I am used to when it comes to live TV. The studio staff was completely professional and treated the band as professionals as well. We performed mainly high energy R&B numbers that surpassed even the hosts’ expectations… the camera crew was dancing behind their cameras and the applause started well before the last note of each song. The show went over so well that we received an immediate invitation to perform live on RTG2 State Radio across town! We jumped in an embassy vehicle and headed to the studio to take advantage of this excellent opportunity. MU2s Chris Morrison and Corey Gillis performed two songs acoustically live over the air. It was a great experience and quite different from what we are used to. Fortunately for us, we had very helpful translators and the radio hosts were gracious. Made for a long hot day, but was very rewarding.

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2 Responses to “NAVEUR Band in Gabon”

  1. 1 Christina November 1, 2010 at 8:59 pm

    The event pictures looked amazing! Great job

  1. 1 northwest venture definition Trackback on March 30, 2012 at 3:40 am

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