AFRICOM IG Participates in Anti-corruption Seminars in Chad

Anthony B. Dunn wrote

Note: Anthony B. Dunn is U.S. Africa Command’s Inspector General Engagements chief.

I recently participated in two anti-corruption seminars in NDjamena, Chad. The seminars were sponsored and led by faculty members from the Defense Institute for International Legal Studies. Included in their courseware were several modules pertaining to military and civilian inspector general (IG) principles and practices.

My efforts were focused on presenting examples of how inspector general activities complement those of the legal community in the fight against corruption and the promotion of accountability. Members of the audience were eager to have me explain how our military and civilian IG systems compared and contrasted. I responded to many probing questions regarding the roles of IGs in various situations. Audience members also described how corrupt practices have developed in Chad and how they are using their civil institutions to combat them.

The discussions we had about IG issues were quite useful and among other things revealed similarities between our federal IG system and those of the Republic of Chad Ministry of State Control and Morality. Also, during separate discussions, my Chadian counterparts expressed strong interest in learning more about our military and civilian IG systems.

This was certainly a successful engagement from the IG perspective. It raised my awareness of the oversight systems that have been established in Chad and gave our hosts a glimpse of how our IG systems have evolved over the past 230-plus years. It also represented the opening of what I hope will be a long-term relationship between our IG office and our counterparts in the Republic of Chad.


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