IG Inspections Seminar in Addis Ababa

By Anthony B. Dunn, IG Office, U.S. Africa Command

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At the invitation of the Ethiopian National Defense Force’s (ENDF) Inspector General (IG), Brigadier General Tsegay Tessema Niguse, the U.S. Africa Command IG Office conducted an IG Inspections seminar for the ENDF IG staff at the Defense Industry Training Institute in Addis Ababa from 7-11 June.

Major John Pease, U.S. Air Force and I, representing the AFRICOM IG office, and Commander Scott Bell, U.S. Navy, the IG for the Combined Joint Task Force – Horn of Africa, led the seminar discussions. Our efforts were supported by U.S. Embassy Addis Ababa’s Office of Security Cooperation.

Our team presented the history and benefits of various U.S. military and civilian IG system models, and placed special emphasis on the U.S. Army’s inspection process. Our ENDF colleagues openly engaged with us, asked challenging questions, offered different points of view and urged us to provide examples of how to apply the best practices from each the IG models.

The hospitality we experienced was exceptional, and we were delighted to continue our discussions less formally over lunches of delicious Ethiopian cuisine, especially the injera (a uniquely Ethiopian flat bread) and the doro wot (a chicken stew with lots of red pepper), in an outdoor setting. During our last night in country, we had the honor of dining with General Tsegay and some of his senior staff. That social event further strengthened our growing friendships with our hosts. General Tsegay complimented the Command by mentioning that he planned to integrate most of the seminar materials we provided into ENDF IG doctrine.

We learned many significant things from our hosts, and according to their verbal and written feedback, they learned from us as well. We look forward to future opportunities to continue to improve relations with our new Ethiopian friends, as well as to conduct similar seminars with our other African partner nations.

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