USAFRICOM-related news stories for May 12, 2010 (From the Beltway/From and About Africa)

Recent Publications on Mali, Rwanda, Somalia, Darfur, Tanzanian, Guinea, DR Congo, Libya, Sudan, Western Sahara, Morocco, Algeria, Uganda, Burundi, Sierra Leone, Nigeria

U.S. Threatens Severe Consequences (New Democrat – Monrovia)

A United States official has warned of severe consequences if funds donated here are not used for their intended purposes, noting that the U.S. would like to see a positive impact on the lives of citizens in ensuring accountability and transparency.

U.S. Warned Not To Pressure Morocco

Washington, D.C. – The United States has been urged not to press Morocco to grant independence to the disputed territory of North Africa. The Foreign Policy Research Institute said in a report that independence for Western Sahara could result in a failed state dominated by Al Qaida. The report, authored by Harvey Sicherman, the institute said the status quo on Western Sahara could mark the best interim solution.

US considering designating TTP as terror outfit

The US is looking into legal formalities of designating Tehrek-e-Taliban Pakistan as a foreign terrorist organisation with a probe pointing to its involvement in the failed Times Square bombing, as clamour grows for recognising the outfit as a terrorist body. “We are considering the question of designating the Pakistani Taliban (as a terrorist outfit). Now it is the matter of meeting the legal requirements,” Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs P J Crowley said.

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