USAFRICOM-related news stories for April 27, 2010 (From the Beltway/From and About Africa)

Recent Publications on Kenya, Morocco, Sudan, Niger, Darfur, Somalia, South Africa, Djibouti, Uganda

Obama to Host East African Muslims At 2-Day U.S. Summit (The East African)

As part of his effort to improve US relations with Muslims in East Africa and throughout the world, President Barack Obama is hosting an entrepreneurship summit this week designed to encourage grassroots economic development that can lead to political reforms.

U.S. Comes to the Rescue of Country’s Troubled Health Sector (The East African)

NAIROBI, Kenya — Rural Ugandans without the means to access proper health care can now sigh with relief. An ongoing project dubbed IntraHealth has promised to improve staffing levels in selected districts, from 48 to 65 per cent over the next five years.

Japanese Military Joins U.S. And NATO In Horn Of Africa (Eurasia Review)

Japanese navy commander Keizo Kitagawa recently spoke with Agence France-Presse and disclosed that his nation was opening its first overseas military base – at any rate since the Second World War – in Djibouti in the Horn of Africa.

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