USAFRICOM-related news stories (From the Beltway/From and About Africa)

Recent publications on Zimbabwe, Ghana, Rwanda, DR Congo, Algeria, CAR, Madagascar, Egypt, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Kenya, Libya


U.S. Africa Command – ‘Banished’ But Alive (The Herald – Harare)

HARARE, ZIMBABWE – Some analysts believe Africom is an imperial project and one to use Africa as a buffer for American “anti-terror” and anti-Islamic wars in North and East Africa. The US says Africom is a peaceful initiative, mainly for civilian undertakings and responsibilities.

Ghana Lauded For Action On Narcotics (Ghana Broadcasting Corporation)

STUTTGART, GERMANYThe US has commended the Ghana government for its determination to intercept arrest and prosecute drug couriers and traffickers irrespective of who is involved.

Sarkozy describes France’s ‘blindness’ to genocide in Rwanda (Reuters)

KIGALI, RWANDAFrance made serious errors in judgment over the 1994 genocide in Rwanda and wants to ensure that all those responsible for the slaughter are caught and punished, French President Nicolas Sarkozy said Thursday.

Paris Club Agrees To Cancel $1.3B Of Congo’s Debt (Dow Jones)

LONDON, ENGLANDThe Paris Club agreed Thursday to cancel $1.3 billion of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s external public debt and to reschedule around $1.6 billion of the debt it owes to the group of creditor nations.

Algerian Police Chief Assassinated (Reuters)

ALGIERS, ALGERIAThe chief of Algeria‘s national police was shot dead on Thursday at his headquarters by another police official who was acting in a moment of insanity, the Interior Ministry said.

Top news FROM and about Africa

CAR announces elections poll date (News24)

Bangui – The Central African Republic (CAR) will hold presidential and legislative elections on April 25 this year, a presidential decree said on Thursday.

Madagascar: FM says deal not viable (News24)

Antananarivo – An internationally-backed accord reached in Maputo will not solve the year-old political crisis in Madagascar, the island’s new foreign minister told AFP on Thursday.

Egypt: Ex-U.N. nuclear chief forms a party in Egypt (Chinapost)

CAIRO – Respected worldwide, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize and for 12 years the leader of the U.N. nuclear watchdog, Mohammed ElBaradei is positioning himself as a force for change in his homeland.

Cameroon: denies army attack on Equatorial Guinea (Xinhua)

The Cameroonian government has refuted claims by Equatorial Guinea that the Cameroonian army launched aggression last week.

Kenya’s Truth Justice and Reconciliation Commission boss asked to quit (News24)

Nairobi – Desmond Tutu and other eminent peacemakers called on Thursday on the head of Kenya’s Truth Justice and Reconciliation Commission (TJRC) to resign over allegations of bias and misconduct. “We are deeply troubled by serious allegations of bias and misconduct that have been made against chairperson Kiplagat,” the statement said, urging him to step down.

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