AFRICOM AOR-related news clips for 25 January 2010

Recent publications on Algeria, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Somalia, Guinea, Angola, Libya, Tunisia, Zimbabwe, Senegal

AFRICA: Security and Development in Sub-Saharan Africa – Looking to the future (AllAfrica)

Stuttgart – "The challenge facing Sub-Saharan Africa is not State building as many analysts believe. The immediate challenge most of Africa faces is society building." Moeletsi Mbeki daid during the presentation to the Commander’s Speaker Programme at the US Africa Command, US Military Headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany on Tuesday 19th January 2010.

FRANCE/ENGLAND: France Aims To Prosecute Angola Rebel (Wall Street Journal)

Paris/London – France said Friday it seeks to prosecute an Angolan rebel leader for inciting violence, opening a new chapter in France’s struggle to redress its messy past in Africa.

ALGERIA: Algeria Says U.S. Reassures Over Reconsidering Terror Watch List (Xinhua)

Algiers – A senior Algerian official said on Sunday his country received reassurance from Washington over the reconsideration of its 14-nation terror watch list, Pan-Arab al- Jazeera TV reported.

UGANDA: Somalia and Sudan top agenda of OIC meet in Uganda (Xinhua)

Kampala – The volatile situation in Somalia and Sudan’s Darfur region will top the agenda of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) meeting that started here on Sunday.

KENYA/ETHIOPIA: Ethiopian Militia Kill Two Kenyan Officers (The Standard)

East Africa – Suspected Merille militia from Ethiopia have killed three people including an administration policeman and a police reservist in an attack. 

KENYA: CIA chief in secret visit to Kenya (The Standard)

East Africa – Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director Leon Edward Panetta made a secret visit to Kenya at the weekend where he is believed to have delivered President Barack Obama’s message on governance and terrorism to the Government.

NIGERIA: Ex-militants Reject Presidential Rehabilitation Plans (This Day)

Port Harcourt – Key militants in the Niger Delta under the aegis of Joint Revolutionary Council yesterday evening rose from a meeting called to take a position on the rehabilitation plans of the Presidential Committee on Amnesty and rejected it, saying it is favouring only the consultants and therefore against the interest of real freedom fighters.

NIGERIA: Edo CAN Chairman, Bishop Imasuen, Kidnapped (NIGERIAN Tribune)

Edo State Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and Bishop of Benin Diocese of the Anglican Communion, Dr. Peter Imasuen, was abducted on Sunday by gunmen suspected to be kidnappers.

SOMALIA: UK students recruited for Somali jihad (The Sunday Times)

Mogadishu – Students from some of Britain’s top universities are travelling to Somalia to fight with a terrorist group linked to Al-Qaeda.

SOMALIA: Radical Somali Islamists linked to al-Qaida recruiting youth in Swedish suburbs (The morning Call)

Stockholm — Ten subway stops from downtown Stockholm is "little Mogadishu," a drab suburb of the Swedish capital where radical Islamists are said to be recruiting the sons of Somali immigrants for jihad in the Horn of Africa.

SOMALIA: Pirates In Talks Over Two Ofer Ships (GLOBES online)

Mogadishu – Somali pirates are negotiating the release of two cargo vessels owned by Ofer Brothers company Zodiac Maritime Agencies.

SOMALIA: Haiti: Somali Pirates Offer Aid To Haiti (Greenleft Online)

Spokespeople for the so-called Somali pirates have expressed willingness to part of their loot captured from transnational boats to Haiti.

LIBYA: Arab League Top Official Informs Kadhafi Of Preparations For Arab Summit (Afrique en ligne)

Tripoli – The Libyan leader and incumbent chairman of the African Union (AU), Mouammar Kadhafi, on Saturday held talks in Tripoli with the Secretary General of the Arab league, Amr Moussa, on the forthcoming Arab Summit to be hosted by Libya.

ALGERIA: Us Diplomat Defends Terror Country Watchlist (AFP)

Algiers – The 14-nation terror watchlist recently drawn up by the United States is not aimed at "blacklisting one country or another", a US diplomat said on Sunday.

ANGOLA: US Ambassador’s visit opens good perspectives – Governor (ANGOP)

Ndalatando – The governor of northern Kwanza Norte province, Henrique André Júnior, Saturday in Ndalatando, said that the two-day visit paid to the region by the US ambassador to Angola, Dan Mozena, opens good perspectives for the effort towards the development of the zone.

NIGERIA: Yar’Adua fights back Loyalists hold counter rallies in 6 states (Daily Sun)

Piqued by the growing anti-Yar’Adua sentiments sweeping across the country, which peaked with ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo’s devil-may care outburst last Thursday, the Presidency and groups loyal to the ailing president may have resolved to counter the onslaught employing “multi-dimensional tactics.

NIGERIA: Bin Laden Claims Botched Attack (daily INDEPENDANT)

Al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden has claim responsibility for the botched Christmas Day airline bombing attempted by Umar Farouk Adulmutallab in Detroit, in a audio message released Sunday, and vowed further attacks on the U.S.

SOMALIA: Al-Shabab ‘Capture’ Central Somali Town (press TV)

Mogadishu – Somalia’s main opposition fighters, Al-Shabab, have regained control of the strategic central Somali town of Beledweyene, witnesses say.

NIGERIA: Jos crisis: Christian leaders accuse Army chief of genocide. Accusation unfortunate – Army. 35 govs to visit Jos tomorrow (Nigerian Tribune)

The Plateau State Christian Elders Consultative Forum has called on the vice-president, Dr Goodluck Jonathan, the National Assembly and the United Nations (UN) to investigate Major General Sale Maina, the GOC, 3rd Armoured Division, Jos, over allegations of genocide.

GUINEA: EU prepared to resume dialogue with Guinea’ (Afrique en ligne)

Conakry – The German ambassador to Guinea, Karl Prinz, on Friday announced on Guinea’s national television that the European Union (EU) would be prepared to resume dialogue with the West African state, which was broken off after the 23 December, 2008 coup.

SENEGAL: Guinea Electoral Commission Meets With Donors (Voice of America)

Dakar – Guinea’s electoral commission and international donors are discussing plans to organize elections in six months.  The vote is part of a regionally-backed transitional authority meant to end more than one year of military rule.

U.S.: New Report Identifies Challenges In Africa For Obama  (Voice of America)

Washington, DC – A new report co-published by Africa Action and Foreign Policy in Focus says the Obama administration faces key challenges in Africa this year, including poverty, climate change and HIV/AIDS.

U.S.: Expert: Liberian Torture Victims Scarred For Life (Associated Press)

Miami – A psychologist testified Friday in the lawsuit of five Africans seeking millions of dollars in damages for the horrific torture suffered on the orders of the son of former Liberian President Charles Taylor.

SOUTH AFRICA: It Wasn’t Us: Somali Militants Disavow Kenya Threat (Christian Science Monitor)

Johannesburg – Al Shabab, the Somali militant group with ideological links to Al Qaeda, says the threat to attack Kenya – posted on its website this week – is fake.

SOMALIA: EU set to OK Somali troop plan (News24)

Brussels – EU foreign ministers will on Monday give the green light for European instructors to train some 2 000 Somali soldiers to reinforce the embryonic government army, diplomatic sources said.

TUNISIA: National Defence Minister Receives Africom Deputy For Civil-Military Activities (Agence Tunis Afrique Presse)

Tunis – Minister Ridha Grira received Mr. Joseph Anthony Holmes, deputy for Civil-Military Activities of the United States African Command (AFRICOM) and the delegation accompanying him, with attendance of US ambassador in Tunis.

ZIMBABWE: U.S. Envoy Calls On Zimbabwe Principals To Be Flexible (Xinhua)

Harare – U. S. Ambassador to Zimbabwe Charles Ray is urging the country’s principals to the Global Political Agreement to be flexible in their demands to ensure progress in the inter- party talks.

AFRICA: News by Region (UN News Centre) 

  • Sudan: UN report cites challenges for north-south peace deal despite progress
  • New head of joint African Union-UN peacekeepers in Darfur arrives in Sudan
  • Uganda: ‘Anti-Homosexuality Bill’ threatens fight against HIV, UN expert warns

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