AFRICOM AOR-related news stories for 19 January 2010

Recent articles on Guinea, DR Congo, Sudan, Uganda, Senegal, Nairobi, Somalia, Kenya, Darfur, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Cameroon

UN News Service Africa Briefs

  • Guinea: Ban welcomes steps to restore constitutional order
  • UN-backed group backs efforts to reach compromise to political crisis in Guinea
  • UN agency begins registering over 100,000 people fleeing DR Congo clashes
  • UN condemns latest death sentences carried out by Sudanese authorities
  • Top UN rights official urges Uganda to do away with ‘anti-homosexuality bill’


 US Army’s Anthropology Teams Under Fire, But in Demand

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (National Defense) – The military is increasing its awareness of socio-cultural dynamics with the use of human terrain teams.  U.S. Africa Command requested a team. The team deployed to support the Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa commander.


 Senegal: Wade offers land to Haitians

Dakar, (News24) – Senegal and other African nations should offer victims of Haiti’s earthquake the chance to resettle in the continent, possibly in a newly created state of their own, the West African nation has urged.


 Nigeria: Jos Riot – 51 Arrested, Streets Deserted

Jos, (AllAfrica) – the police yesterday confirmed that 51 people have been arrested in the violence that broke out Sunday.

 Kenya: Police Arrest Scores In City Estate Raid

Nairobi, (AllAfrica) – Police raided a Nairobi estate on Sunday and arrested scores of people following Friday’s violence in the capital that was blamed on an extremist group operating out of Somalia.


 Kenya: Muslim Activist Arrested After Riots

Nairobi, (AllAfrica) — A Muslim rights activist was arrested Monday, days after a march called to protest the continued detention of a radical Jamaican cleric turned violent in Nairobi.

 Somalia: Harakat Al-Shabab Mujahideen Hails Islamists’ Demonstration in Nairobi

Mogadishu, (AllAfrica) – Sheik Ali Mohamud Raghe (Sheik Ali Dere), the spokesman of Harakat Al-shabab Mujahideen talked more different sides in the press conference on Sunday just a day after the Kenyan government said that Al-shabab was involved the riot.

 Somalia: Parliament Demand Kenya to Release Somalis and MPs

Mogadishu, (AllAfrica) – The transitional parliamentarians have Monday demanded the Kenyan authorities to release the MPs and Somalis, just as the Kenyan troops attacked several buildings in Nairobi where they reportedly detained more than 300 Somalis including lawmakers overnight.

 Sudan: UNAMID Prepares for arrival of Ethiopian Tactical Helicopters

Khartoum, (AllAfrica) – UNAMID’s peacekeeping force is expecting to boost its strength following a coordination meeting held on Thursday 22 January in Addis Ababa to finalize details for the deployment of five tactical helicopters to Darfur.

 Somalia: Record ransom sparks fight

Mogadishu, (News24) – At least four people were killed overnight during intense fighting between rival Somali pirates in the town of Harardere arguing over a record ransom, elders and pirates said on Tuesday.

 Congo: 4 Chinese held in Congo

Brazzaville, (News24) – Four Chinese nationals have been arrested in Congo Republic for illegally dealing in ivory, the first arrests of Chinese in the country in connection with the trade, police sources said on Monday.

 Guinea: Camara backs transitional govt

Ouagadougou, (News24) – Guinea’s military junta chief Captain Moussa Dadis Camara said on Sunday he backs a plan to appoint a transitional government, and he will not seek power in the world’s biggest bauxite exporter.

 Ethiopia: 100 rebels lay down arms

Addis Ababa, (News24) – Ethiopia has taken more than 100 Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) rebels into custody after they surrendered and handed over a cache of arms, the government said through state media on Sunday.

 Sudan attacks rebel bases

Khartoum, (News24) – Sudanese warplanes and artillery pounded insurgents in the troubled western region of Darfur on Saturday, said a rebel spokesperson whose group has refused to attend upcoming peace talks in Qatar.

 Ministry: 3 Saudi militants killed in blast abroad

RIYADH, (AP) – The Saudi Interior Ministry says an investigation has shown that three Saudi militants were killed in a Sept. 14 blast outside the country.

 East Africa: Yemen – Arrivals in 2009 Up 55 Percent

Sanaa, (AllAfrica) — The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) in Yemen received 77,802 new arrivals from the Horn of Africa in 2009, a 55 percent increase over 2008 and for the first time Somalis were not the majority nationality, the agency’s external relations officer Rocco Nuri told IRIN in Sanaa on 16 January.


US and France provide 3.5 million euros for DR Congo refugees

BRAZZAVILLE, (AFP) – The United States and France were providing a total of 3.57 million euros (5.13 million dollars) in aid for DR Congo refugees in the Republic of Congo, diplomatic sources said Friday.


US wants to see more reforms

HARARE, (ZimOnline) –The United States will move to improve ties with the Zimbabwean government once the coalition government acts to ensure democracy and uphold human rights, Washington’s top diplomat in Harare said on Friday.


Air Al Qaeda: Are Latin America’s drug cartels giving Al Qaeda a lift?

Johannesburg, South Africa, (The Christian Science Monitor) – There is growing concerns that Al Qaeda in Africa and Latin American drug cartels are working together. Latin American cocaine flights go to Africa, en route to Europe.

International development: Coming to the aid of the party

Editorial (The Guardian) – British Conservative David Cameron proposes a stabilisation unit that would move in to secure peace and start essential development work.  The article notes in the US, the Pentagon spends nearly a fifth of the aid budget.

 US hopes Guinea coup leader will stay in Burkina Faso

WASHINGTON (AFP) – The United States is hoping Burkina Faso’s President Blaise Compaore will persuade the leader of a military coup in Guinea against returning home, a senior State Department official said.

 Pirates take new territory: West African Gulf of Guinea

Lagos, Nigeria, (The Christian Science Monitor) – The Gulf of Guinea is second only to Somalia in terms of pirate attacks. A growing number of US, British, and French ships patrol with the navies of Nigeria, Ghana, and Cameroon.

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