AFRICOM AOR -related news stories for 14 January 2010

Recent news articles on Somalia, Angola, Nigeria, Kenya, Algeria, Luanda, South Africa, Mozambique, Madagascar, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Sudan, Guinea,  Cote D’Ivoire, DRC

SOMALIA: Gunmen attack police station (NEWS24)

MOGADISHU Unidentified attackers have hurled hand grenades and opened fire at a police station in Somalia’s northern breakaway enclave of Somaliland, wounding three officials, police sources say.

 COTE d’IVOIRE: Ivorian PM annuls disputed names (NEWS 24)

ABIDJAN — Ivorian Prime Minister Guillaume Soro has annulled hundreds of thousands of disputed names on the electoral register, due to complaints from President Laurent Gbagbo.

 ANGOLA: Angola to approve new charter (NEWS24)

Luanda–Angola will next week approve a new constitution set to further strengthen the president’s three-decade hold, state radio said on Wednesday within days of a deadly rebel ambush on Togo’s visiting soccer team.

 NIGERIA: Nigeria deputy ‘has full powers’ in Yar’Adua absence  (BBC)

ABUJANigeria’s vice-president has the right to perform all duties on behalf of the sick president without a formal transfer of power, a judge has ruled.

NIGERIA: to close Oil Supply Deal With China (ALLAFRICA)

ABUJA– Nigeria and China are working to close a deal on long term crude oil supply and purchase agreement just days after diplomatic row ensued between Nigerian and American governments.

 NIGERIA: US air marshals for Nigeria (NEWS24)

Abuja– Nigeria says it will allow armed US air marshals on flights between the West African nation and the US after the failed Christmas Day airliner bombing.

 NIGERIA: Abdulmutallab – Senate Orders Investigation of Security Agencies  (Leadership)

Abuja–The Senate yesterday ordered investigation of the security lapses arising from the seeming failure of the relevant security agencies in Nigeria to act on the report made by Alhaji Umaru Abdulmutallab against his son Farouk, who is now facing criminal charges in the United States over his failed attempt to bomb a US airliner on Christmas day.

KENYA: Former Kenyan Police Chief Denied Entry Into US (EIN)

NAIROBIOn Tuesday the U.S. embassy confirmed that it had denied a request from Hussein Ali for a travel visa.  The former police head and now-postmaster general had reportedly sought the visa to visit Los Angeles for official business.

KENYA: Kenyan MOD comcerns over al-Shabab cells threat presence in country  (BBC)

NairobiKenyan MOD expressed concerns over massive invasion of al Shabab terrorist cells in his country, while other reports show that al-Shabab has operatives in Nairobi and that its ideology had bleeded into Kenya.

SOMALIA: 7 kids killed in shell attack  (NEWS 24)

Mogadishu–Seven children were among ten people killed in shelling by Somali government forces in Mogadishu on Wednesday as the troops backed by African Union (AU) peacekeepers fired mortars into districts held by Islamist insurgents.

 ALGERIA: Army air raid on the Salafist groups stronghold in Sidi Ali Bounab  (ENNAHARONLINE)

Tizi-Ouzou–The Algerian army forces have bombed, last Monday night, the shelters of the Salafi groups that activate under the banner of the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat (GSPC) in the forests of Tizi Ouzou (east of Algiers).

 ALGERIA: Algeria links anonymous SIM cards to terrorism  (tout sur l’Algerie)

Algiers–The Algerian government has intensified its crackdown against the use of anonymous mobile phone SIM cards after it found terrorists used unidentifiable chips to communicate and coordinate attacks in the country …

ANGOLA: Italian Government presents fiscal police training project (ANGOLA PORTAL)

Luanda–Italian Government Wednesday in Luanda came up with aspects linked to a training project of customs and fiscal police, as well as technology and computer sectors, with view to prevent and combat terrorism.  

ANGOLA: SADC summit to focus on Zimbabwe, Madagascar  (FRANCE PRESSE)

Maputo-Key Southern African leaders will hold a special summit on Thursday in Mozambique’s capital, Maputo, to discuss the crisis in Madagascar and the power-sharing government in Zimbabwe, officials said.

AFRICA – ‘dumping ground’ for counterfeit goods (NIGERIANEWS)

ABUJA–… "Africa has become a dumping ground for the world’s unwanted goods," says Darren Olivier, head of brand enforcement and a director at Bowman Gilfillan attorneys in Johannesburg.

 NIGERIA: Massob Leader, Uwazuruike Arrested  (Daily Champion)

Owerri–Leader of the Movement for the Actualization of Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB), Chief Ralph Uwazuruike, has been arrested.   

 MALI: No ransom demand from Mali gunmen, says Italy  (IOL)

Addis Ababa–Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini said on Wednesday his country had not received demands for a ransom for two Italian nationals believed to be held in Mali by al-Qaeda.  

SUDAN: UK pressures Sudan on border row (IOL)

Juba–Major donor Britain is pressing Sudan’s former north-south foes urgently to resolve differences over borders and sharing oil revenues, with a southern referendum on independence less than a year away.

GUINEA: U.S. official: Guinea’s Democracy at stake (UPI)

CONAKRY–UPI-If Guinea’s military leader, Capt. Moussa Dadis Camara, stays in power, efforts to return the country to democracy could be stifled, a U.S. official said.

YEMEN: Not just in Yemen (Globe and Mail)

SA’ ANA–A coordinated approach is necessary to destroy al-Qaeda’s capabilities.  The United States has developed interesting techniques to fight the conditions that nurture terrorism, including establishing the half civilian U.S. Africa Command.

COTE D’IVOIRE: requests more UN peacekeepers ahead of presidential elections (Xinhua)

Abidjan–cote d’Ivoire has requested the United Nations increase its peacekeeping presence in the country to reinforce security ahead of the country’s presidential elections expected to take place in March.

US: U.S. ‘oblivious’ to al-Qaida’s ‘aviation network’ (Reuters)

Washington, DC–A Department of Homeland Security report detailed a clandestine aircraft fleet flying multi-ton loads of cocaine and possibly weapons to an area in Africa where factions of al-Qaida are believed to be facilitating the smuggling of drugs to Europe.

AFRICA: News by Region (UN News Centre)

  • Ban encourages Ivorian parties to complete tasks ahead of March polls
  • Additional UN peacekeepers requested ahead of Côte d’Ivoire elections
  • Massive refugee influx from DR Congo straining neighbours’ resources – UN
  • Surge in fighting uproots more Somalis, reports UN refugee agency
  • Ban ‘encouraged’ by recent developments in Guinean politics

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