AFRICOM-related news clips for 8 January 2010

Nigeria as a terror ground: U.S. African commander "not aware" – By Prince Ofori-Atta

 7 January 2010

Nigeria’s emergence on the US State Sponsored Terrorism list has not gone without official criticisms and ultimatums from Africa’s most populous state. Claims over a possibly "rushed" United States directive, in the wake of a terrorist attempt on a plane carrying 284 people, have been rife. What influenced this crucial decision that affects a country of 150 million people? Was the decision only influenced by the mad act of one British educated and radicalized Nigerian?


Africom – Latest U.S. Bid to Recolonise Continent

The Herald (Harare) – By Tichaona Nhamoyebonde

7 January 2010


Harare — AFRICAN revolutionaries now have to sleep with one eye open because the United States of America is not stopping at anything in its bid to establish Africom, a highly-equipped US army that will be permanently resident in Africa to oversee the country’s imperialist interests.


Sudan Clashes Seen as Threat to Peace Treaty

New York Times – By Jack Healy

7 January 2010

At least 140 people were killed in clashes in recent days in a remote corner of southern Sudan, a United Nations official said Thursday, deepening worries that the American-backed peace deal ending decades of war there could collapse amid spasms of ethnically motivated violence.


Aid groups: Southern Sudan may return to war

Associated Press – By Malkhadir M. Muhumed

7 January 2010

NAIROBI, Kenya – Sudan’s volatile southern region could collapse into chaos again if the international community does not do more to strengthen the 2005 peace deal that ended more than 20 years of civil war, a group of aid agencies warned Thursday.


U.S. Army Africa Focuses on Long-term Threat Reduction – By Non-attributed Author

7 January 2010

WASHINGTON | Since the thwarted terrorist attack against Northwest Airlines Flight 253 on Christmas Day, news reports detailed the possibilities of security threats from Africa.


Challenges for West Africa

Business Day – By Kaye Whiteman

7 January 2010

Having expatiated at length last month on tasks facing Mohammed Ibn Chambas in his new job as secretary-general of the African Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group in Brussels, I left no room to reflect on the organisation which he is still heading until March – ECOWAS. There is a logic in his ‘translation’: during his eight years at the helm of the Economic Community of West African States he saw the adoption of the operating system of the European Union in Brussels.


Christians demand US/UK action in central Africa

Spero News – By Non-attributed Author

7 January 2010

"After the November 2009 report of the Group of United Nations experts on the situation in North and South Kivu, in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the great powers of the earth can no longer pretend to ignore what happens there," said a statement made by the "Peace for Congo" network sponsored by the Catholic missionaries operating in the Kivu regions of the African country.


Protestors Gather in Madagascan Capital in Defiance of Warnings

Bloomberg – By Christina Corbett

7 January 2009

Jan. 7 (Bloomberg) — Anti-government protesters gathered in Madagascar’s capital, Antananarivo, today in defiance of government warnings, to demand an end to the country’s political crisis.


Guinea‘s Acting Military Leader Calls for Opposition Prime Minister

Voice of America – By Scott Stearns

7 January 2010

Guinea’s acting military leader says political parties should immediately choose a new prime minister to help lead the country to free elections. He says the life of the country’s military chief is not in danger, more than a month after he was shot in an apparent assassination attempt.


UN News Service Africa Briefs

Full Articles on UN Website

7 January 2010

  • Dozens of Darfur residents complete UN-backed human rights training
  • UN sends help for 30,000 flood victims in Kenya
  • DR Congo: UN support for army’s new anti-rebel offensive tied to protecting civilians
  • Use of child soldiers ‘particularly abusive,’ UN expert testifies
  • Unconstitutional changes in West African governments spark Ban’s concern

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